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Founded in 2013, The Condom Pledge is a nonprofit organization and social marketing campaign run entirely by youth activists. Using social media and on-the-ground efforts, we've mobilizied 150,000 youth and counting.



In 2001, the president of Zambia said condoms were a "sign of weak morals on the part of the user" - BBC


In 2008, a southeastern state in Nigeria made it illegal to encourage the use of condoms - IRIN


In 2012, a government agency in Indonesia sought to ban teenagers from buying condoms - WSJ


In 2013, religious groups in Kenya declared condoms to be sinful; so while condoms are "easily available and simply won't use them" - The Star






By normalizing condom use in youth, we can counteract the above beliefs and stop the spread of HIV, Ebola, Zika, and other STIs. For more info, click here!



As citizen advocates, we're proud to introduce you to The Condom Pledge, a rapidly growing public health campaign. With a mission to reduce HIV, Ebola, Zika and other STIs by normalizing condoms, we've engaged 150,000 youth in 60 countries. We've also partnered with a dozen nonprofits and garnered support from the U.S. Department of State and Botswana Ministry of Health. We welcome you to now join us in disseminating this campaign to fellow youth in your country.


Our initial successes came in Sierra Leone. There we established our first community-based organization, educated 5,000 youth through community outreach, and staged two World AIDS Day marches. We also created a music video for public broadcast and distributed 15,000 condoms to resource-poor villages. For our achievements, we received the endorsement of the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat in the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation.


Our campaign is based on a thorough review and innovative application of the public health literature. We invite your in-depth analysis of our pioneering design here. Put simply, the campaign calls for youth to take a pledge to always use a condom during sex and then publicize it—thereby increasing adherence to the pledge and empowering others to follow suit. The result is an unprecedented chain reaction of youth mobilization and HIV prevention.


The time is ripe to grow this campaign internationally. Already we have amassed strong volunteer bases across Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Our activists are passionate and committed to bettering their communities. Indeed, through this campaign, we aspire to give all youth across the world an opportunity to protect their sexual health. 


We humbly ask for your support in bringing these stated goals to fruition. With your help, we can showcase your country not only as one with upstanding and compassionate youth but also as an international exemplar for successful public health collaboration. If you're ready to lead the campaign in your country, sign up here!




The Condom Pledge Team

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